Wednesday, 15 January 2014


These are just some of the behaviours owners will seek help with their dog and usually they are desperate. So where do they get that help? Many surf the internet, others may respond to ads in local pet shops, some by word of mouth
What I am seeing more and more of is the fall out from people who purport to be very experienced, Professional Behaviour/ Training Consultants, who charge large sums of money and have actually made the dog worse.
Then there are others who claim they have been working with dogs for many years, decide to set up a business, and actually haven't a clue when it comes to dog behaviour. They usually charge a very minimal amount, whilst trying to sell you dog food, dog toys, leads and collars, coupled with Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and a whole host of other services. This should send warning bells as they are dabbling with everything.
The fact of the matter is there is no actual legislation to stop anyone setting up as a Dog Trainer/Behaviourist. So anyone in reality can go out there and work with dogs maintaining they can sort it out when in reality they shouldn't be anywhere near a dog.
There is also an organization very well marketed, that anyone who has the money can buy a Franchise, get 6 weeks training then they are free to work with dogs.
All I would say to anyone if you are seeking help ask as many questions as you can:-
What qualifications do they have
What training courses have they attended
Can they supply references, testimonials and don't be afraid to take them up.
Word of mouth is by far the best way of finding a good Behaviourist/ Trainer
Ask your Vet
Question their methods of training, ie do they believe in positive methods, treats etc.,
What are their views on training aids, choke chains, if they advocate the use of any type of choke chain, pinch collars electric collars walk away. 
If it doesn't feel right it probably isn't.
So get the best advice you can, you owe it to your dog
Till next time Px

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