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January 2014
Well that's the end of 2013 and the start of a brand new year. Elsewhere on this site I have done a brief resume of last year.
So what do I wish for in the New Year well I would hope that people think long and hard before getting a dog.
As you know I have been very pro-active in the rehoming of dogs. I am not a rescue or a shelter or even a registered charity, but have a passion for dogs that drives me to ensure that all dogs that are put in touch with me  get the home they deserve.
So why do so many dogs find themselves in rescue or up for re-home ? The reasons are many and circumstances dictate that there is no alternative. Marriage split up, bereavement, the list goes on.
What I do find very difficult to understand are the people that get this romantic idea of having a dog usually a fluffy puppy, and when at the first sign of difficulty get rid of the dog. I am always astonished at some of the reasons given

Poo's  and weesd on the carpet
Barks a lot
Chews everything
etc., etc.,

A lot of these reasons wouldn't  be there if they had simply done their homework. A simple pros and cons list of getting a dog would highlight that maybe getting a dog is not such a good idea after all.

Dogs are hard work and a huge commitment for a very long time. it's simply not fair to realise a mistake has been made and to get rid of the dog.

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  1. I took my puppy to the field of dreams training class,ruby was biting jumping up..and extremeley stubborn and strong willed.Pauline noticed this in videos we had filmed of ruby,and told we were going to need help,and suggested a home visit,after just two homevisits,and three weeks of doing what pauline told us to do,rubys far from "trained"..or "cured"..but the difference in her is really is..and pauline is a warm and friendly person,i would recommend field of dreams to anyone,and would definateley reccomend pauline to anyone with an unruly,misbehaved,stubborn dog,thank you pauline